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In the year 2000

South Africa, Thailand, Columbia, Holland, Pakistan, Afganistán, Kenia, Russian steppe… a trip around the world we did over the year 2000, has encouraged us to create the first cannabis life-style that afterwords gave shape to a shirt collection.

We called this project ‘Smonkey’ which is a funny way to fusion two English words: smoking and monkey.

We started with a collection of 10 different models with a casual design and a cannabic message on them.

We didn´t have to wait too long for customers´s feedback and it turned out to be a great success!smonkey camisetas

Than year 2010 started

Ten years later, with more experience on our back and more journey´s flight hours, we decided to give a little wash up to the image of our brand image and give her a modern, actual look with some improvements at the design. Throughout our designs we tried to send a cannabic message which is our closest culture.

We gathered a group of fresh monkeys from different fields that embraces illustration, web design, Russian ballet, ‘Jondo’ song and it´s flight without an engine.

And straight ahead we designed and created a new collection where you may find from smoking sheeps, through alive zombies to finally get to marihuana super heroes fighting the evil plagues of red spiders.


Now the world has changed even more and with it so has our collection and designs. We've improved the quality and adjusted the prices to the demands of the market.

We present our completely updated T-Shirts with designs adapted to the needs and tastes of our existing friends as well as new lovers of the world of Smonkey T-Shirts. We hope you like the new heroes, animals and other entertaining characters we've created. The world changes and we adapt accordingly.

Check them out and let us know how you get on!

The perfect gift idea, share the joy of the designs and messages! There are thousands of ways of having fun, one of them being to give away smiles and good vibes; something you'll certainly achieve with our new T-Shirts.

Welcome to our world!